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What is Viramist?

Viramist (TM) is a brand new and unique system which has been specially designed with one goal in-mind... to protect the public by reducing the transmission of infections diseases.

With the problem of air and surface transmitted viruses on the rise; Complete FM Solutions are pioneering the answer with Viramist. Our tried, tested and medically assured solution, Viramist is a solution perfectly suited for any private or public sector organisation. Our Viramist solution uses a specially mixed chemical compound which is designed to maximise the sterilisation within your environment.



Viramist is the perfect preventative solution for any Public or Private sector organisation looking to better protect their employees & service users. Our tried and tested product Viramist is the answer for companies across the globe looking for a protection to Virus and Disease outbreaks.

Why use Viramist?

Medically Safe and Assured

Before & After samples taken to assure results

Suitable for any environment


We understand the importance of maintaining a clean and safe environment for both employees and customers alike... Viramist by Complete FM Solutions offers the perfect solution to ensuring your space is safe and free from contaminants.

What's different about Viramist?

Suitable for any environment, regardless of size, layout or contents*.

Receive a custom and bespoke service tailored for your requirements.

Scientifically proven to kill odour, bacteria and eliminate viruses.

* All Food items must be removed prior to undertaking treatment.



Have your premises recently been subject to some form of contamination? Are you looking for a safe and proven way of ensuring your environment clean.

All our engineers are able to perform multi surface touch-point testing by using the latest technological cleaning verification & monitoring systems. This report will then be collected, analysed and reported to confirm the effectiveness of your facility cleaning and infection prevention programs. Providing the data that you need to optimise infection prevention and lower HAI rates.

HAI - Healthcare Acquired Infections

Viramist... The answer to sanitisation.

What is Chemical Fogging?

Complete FM's Viramist or Chemical Fogging solution as it is commonly referred to is a versatile and safe method for dispensing odourless sanitisers and disinfectants in an effective manor regardless of space.

There is a choice of either Wet or Thermal Fogging, dependant upon the situation - both forms are applied in ultra low volume (ULV) formants in order to replicate the flow of air & bacteria in the workplace. You will be guided on the application suitable for your requirements at the Service Planning stage.

All operatives are fully COSHH trained with a comprehensive understanding of chemicals in the workplace. Post treatment, the environment can be re-inhabited within a few hours of successful treatment.

The purpose of this process is to disperse a disinfectant chemical over a large surface area to successfully remove contaminants from the environment. Chemical fogging is suitable for any environment, any size... from Office & Commercial Spaces through to Hospitality venues - we have the answer.

What industries can benefit?

From Healthcare through to Public Transportation, Viramist by Complete FM Solutions is the perfect solution to lower infection risk within your business. Below are just a few of the industries which we assist...


Commercial & Industrial Office Spaces


Retail & Shopping Establishments


Hospitality & Leisure 


Hotels, Apartments & Student Accommodation


Entertainment Venues & Arenas

Is your industry not listed? Speak with a member of our sales team to see how we can help you!

The Viramist Process

From the enquiry stage right through until service delivery, Complete FM Solutions are beside you each step of the way... Our comprehensive sales team will guide you on the best application for your environment to not only ensure the greatest value for money but also ensure a service which is effective. 

Unlike other providers our on-site testing provides a better way to monitor cleanliness... while many methods exist for evaluating cleanliness, our testing methodology uses ATP** bioluminescence which is the only method that combines quantitative data collection with scientific measurement and still delivers speedy results. ATP is the best fit for industry in comparison with traditional methods like visual inspection and microbiological testing or training methods like fluorescent gel.

** ATP bioluminescence detects the amount of ATP, which is an indirect measurement of the amount of organic & food residue on a surface that has the potential to support microbial growth and also microbial bio-mass. In simple terms, it measures the dirt or filth on a surface indicating the need for cleaning and sanitising. ATP – or Adenosine Triphosphate – is the primary energy carrier in all living organisms on earth.

Step One

Service Planning - The initial step will involve a consultation with a member of our Sales Team... dependant upon the requirement this will either be conducted over the telephone or on-site. During this stage your Account Manager will plan a service custom to your business/organisation and its requirements.

Step Two

Service Delivery - Following a comprehensive Service Plan being released, the next step is for our specially trained Sanitisation Engineers to attend site and deliver the planned service. This will range from a lone engineer to a team dependant upon the scale of the project. They will deliver the service as per the plan and ensure the service is carried our safely and efficiently.

Step Three

Service Reporting - Before and After each service being delivered our Sanitisation Engineers will take a bacteria reading within multiple areas of your specified environment. These will the be used to calculate the fall in contaminants within the property and provide a report/certificate of sanitisation.

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